What is Yeast Infection

What is yeast infection is a question that lingers in the mind of many individuals across the globe. Yeast infection is commonly known as candidiasis and is caused a fungus known as Candida albicans. The disease is bound to affect every woman at least once in their lifetime. However, contrary to popular belief, the disease affects both men and women and is not a preserve of women alone. Yeast infection is basically caused by an imbalance that causes an upset in the tissues that are found in the vagina. The upset is basically caused by hormonal changes, a weakened immune system, certain medications and medication especially those caused by antibiotics.

Yeast infection affects mostly women who are pregnant or who have a weak immune system. However, individuals who are affected by a yeast infection need not worry because the disease occurs naturally. However, women who experience recurring yeast infections should see a doctor because the infection might be caused by a health related problem such as diabetes. Learning how to cure the disease is of essence in ensuring that a person who is affected by it regains his or her health. Understanding all about a yeast infection therefore gives a person an opportunity to take curative measures in correcting the problem.

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